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This contraband list included, but wasn’t limited to, the usual suspects I believe the comedian George Carlin once nicknamed the “7 Dirty. someone feel less than for their sexuality, race, religion.

Attached to the invitation was a ‘behavioural agreement form’, listing a number of things which would not be tolerated on stage, including racism, sexism, ageism, classism, anti-religion and. the.

We’ve always known it to be bullshit — George Carlin based entire bits around swear words and he was one of the smartest f*cking people to ever walk this planet — but we’ve never had the goddamn.

His YouTube videos have garnered over seven million views, and he is a featured blogger for the Huffington Post. He has shared stages with Bill Maher, Ellen DeGeneres, Holly Near, Robin Williams, Arlo.

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(George Carlin would’ve been proud. “Judaism as a philosophy before a religion was extremely goddess-centered and nobody knows that,” Barr said. For her part, she would like to step all the way.

The five minute tirade would’ve made the late irreverent American stand-up comedians George Carlin and Richard Pryor blush. coupled with one of her oft repeated Marxist quotes about religion being.

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Jul 12, 2008  · One of my favorite George Carlin bits in which he describes the sterilization of the American language. From the 1990 special Doin’ it Again. Follow me on Twitter.

When he shucked the coat and tie for black T-shirts and jeans, grew his hair long and began to riff about those "Seven Words You Can Never Say on TV," George Carlin became more. from politics to.

George Carlin. The change would transform Carlin into more than a comedian: He also became a social commentator and philosopher — a position he would relish through the years. Carlin often railed.

Many people assume the FCC forbids the seven words covered in George Carlin’s famed 1972 monologue. Though the comedy routine was the basis for a court ruling that defined the power of the FCC over.

George Denis Patrick Carlin (May 12, 1937 – June 22, 2008) was an American stand-up comedian, actor, author, and social critic. He was known for his black comedy and reflections on politics, the English language, psychology, religion, and various taboo subjects.

As George Carlin observes, “Baseball has no time limit. “Real leisure takes one out of time and self. It’s no wonder that baseball – along with religion and philosophy – is endangered in our.

Stores now sell coconut water, but it’s clear. Back in the 1970s, comedian George Carlin asked, “Why is there no blue food? We want the blue food!” We got it now. Still don’t know what blue tastes.

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Nov 12, 2012. 58:57. George Carlin – Jammin' in New York – Stand Up Comedy Full Show · 0:45. 10:13. George Carlin 'Religion is bullshit' – HUN SUB · 7:39.

The irascible George Carlin — voted, through a Comedy Central poll of network. So I talk about things that seem timely, but are actually sort of timeless: race, religion, big business, consumerism.

At the top of this morning’s MSN, one of the most popular Web sites in the world, seven words you can never say two days after George Carlin’s death was widely. to talk about the moral shortcomings.

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It’s a flamethrower, actually. "Think for a moment about the concept of the flamethrower," says comedian George Carlin during one of his best routines. "We have flamethrowers. And what this indicates.

“Shock is just another uptown word for surprise,” George Carlin declared in a 2005 documentary about comedy. “Granted it has a different quality to it, but a joke is about surprising someone.” By that.

Mar 15, 2007  · Classic sketch from the UK comedy show starring Mel Smith and Griff Rhys Jones. Begins with a head to head discussion of the Beatles and.

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We’re not talkin’ George Carlin’s Seven Dirty Words here. All the same, the list does begin the anti-abortion movement’s “F” word: “fetus.” It rolls on from there to bury “vulnerable,” “transgender,”.

audition us on YouTube.” Shubert Theatre. His long career led him to colleagues such as hippie comic Uncle Dirty (who inspired George Carlin), a Johnny Carson favorite named Ronnie Shakes (who died.