Burn The Priest Legion Xx

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With the release of “Legion XX,” they’re returning to their roots, with their initial name Burn The Priest and featuring covers of songs by bands such as Cro-Mags, Bad Brains, Big Black, Ministry,

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Lamb of God has nine albums to draw from, including the recent album “Legion: XX,” which dropped last month and was recorded under the band’s original moniker Burn the Priest. “We’re looking forward.

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Check out Burn the Priest’s cover of “Inherit the Earth” below, along with a track listing for Legion: XX, which comes out May 18th.

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The Burn the Priest disc, "Legion: XX," was released last week and is dedicated to the hardcore/punk/crossover bands that influenced the Richmond, Va., group. It’s an extremely intense affair, with.

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Upon their formation in 1994, Lamb of God initially wreaked metal havoc under the name Burn the Priest. The Virginia outfit. Find a full tracklisting for Legion: XX below. Lamb of God’s last studio.

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On May 18, Lamb of God celebrates the 20th anniversary of that Burn the Priest debut with the release of Legion: XX on Epic Records. A covers album of songs by bands that were a big influence on the.

The track will appear on the band’s upcoming covers album, Legion XX, which they’re putting out under their original name, Burn the Priest. The record, due out next Friday, also contains caffeinated.

Lamb Of God recently announced they’d be putting out a covers record called Legion: XX under their old band name Burn The Priest. The covers album will feature killer renditions of old-school tracks.

Lamb of God will celebrate their 20th anniversary by reviving their original moniker, Burn the Priest, for a new covers album titled Legion: XX. “Our inauspicious beginnings somehow grew into.

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Burn The Priest, better known perhaps as Lamb Of God performing briefly under their old name, will release their covers album Legion: XX on May 18. The album will see the band doing heavier covers of.

The Drums of Destruction EZX was produced by Grammy Award-winning engineer Josh Wilbur together with Lamb of God drummer Chris Adler. Individually, they have been forerunners with several groundbreaking works in their respective fields for close to two decades and together, widely acclaimed for having shaped the sound that’s made Lamb of God a mainstay force on the modern metal scene.

Before there was Lamb Of God, there was Burn The Priest. And today, Burn The Priest announced their new full-length album, Legion: XX, out this spring. Read more: Lamb Of God plan for hiatus following.

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Lamb Of God put out their covers album XX: Legion under their original name Burn The Priest in May 2018 and spent a lot of time on the road touring in support of Slayer that same year. Lamb Of God.

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Fans can look forward to hearing many of the band’s more popular songs such as “Omerta” and “Redneck,” but not likely any tracks from their new album “Legion: XX.” Released under the band’s original.

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Cover songs come in one of two varieties: reinterpretations and recreations. There’s Guns N’ Roses’ “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door,” which uses the basic skeleton of Bob Dylan’s original song and not much.

Burn the Priest’s covers album Legion: XX drops May 18th. Check out a previously-released cover of The Accüsed’s “Inherit the Earth” here.

Lamb Of God resurrected their Burn The Priest moniker earlier this year to release a covers album called Legion: XX. The band embarked on a leg of Slayer’s farewell tour, and now that they’re home are.

Lamb Of God lyrics – 108 song lyrics sorted by album, including "Another Nail For Your Coffin", "Walk With Me In Hell", "Omerta".

Legion: XX is a cover album and the ninth studio album by American heavy metal band Lamb of God, under their original name Burn the Priest.The album was released on May 18, 2018 through Epic Records/Nuclear Blast.It is the band’s first album as Burn the Priest.

The band revisits its original name to celebrate 20th anniversary of self-titled debut. Groove metal band Lamb of God announced today that it’s celebrating the 20 th anniversary of its debut album.

Read more: Lamb Of God return to roots for new Burn The Priest album Last month, Burn The Priest revealed their full-lenght album, Legion: XX, will be out May 18. The record features covers of artists.