Before Spiritual Awakening

When suddenly the answer is clear, the path is obvious and there is understanding where before there was only confusion. When a spiritual awakening happens, and it can happen at any time of our life, called for or not it is always felt.

A Spiritual Awakening is a powerful initiation or wake up call where, often suddenly and out of the blue, we awaken to previously. Before our awakening, most of us are entirely in sync with the world's popular media, and synced with the most.

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Spiritual Awakening is a simultaneous increase of Expanding Consciousness that occurs when our spiritual-energetic. These frequency notes drill down through the layers of our Lightbody until they're fully anchored and interconnected into.

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3 Jul 2019. How do you know if you're going through a spiritual awakening or just having quarter life or mid-life crisis? Here are some signs to help you recognize you're having a spiritual awakening.